Reflexology Treatments for Health and Pain Relief

Reflexology, more commonly referred to as universal zone therapy, is a healing alternative health practice involving the application of gentle pressure on various points on the hands and feet. It is usually done without the use of oil or lotion, but with only thumb or finger massage techniques. This kind of healing is usually utilized for tension and stress relief, but it could also be used to alleviate pain. This type of alternative therapy was not taught at any medical school around the globe for a long time. Thus, the notion that reflexology could treat certain diseases was not entirely plausible.

Reflexology is based on the notion that the body's electrical and mechanical systems are arranged in accordance with natural laws. These laws result in neural pathways within the body, which become imbalanced as time passes. The imbalances are corrected using Western procedures like electro-cranial stimulation or surgery. But, these techniques don't address the electrical and mechanical causes of illness. The practitioner will work on the same areas on the hand and foot during the reflexology session. They will be able to observe and measure changes in the temperature of the skin. Through the use of specific devices referred to" reflexology tools" these practitioners are able to pinpoint areas of congestion or tense nerves through the body's response to their contact. Once identified, these areas are treated with gentle pressure until the relief begins. This holistic approach stimulates the nervous system through increasing blood circulation, relieving tension and stress, as well as enhancing overall health.

Alongside treating a variety of diseases and conditions with reflexology, certain reflexologists specialize in certain particular ailments or conditions. Some of them include migraine headaches, low back pain headaches, epilepsy and sinus infections, headaches, tennis elbow tendonitis, shoulder pain carpal tunnel syndrome neck pain, foot pain, asthma, shingles, and much more. They have extensive experience in the application and manipulation of reflexology as well as other holistic treatments for medical ailments. In fact, many of them continue to receive additional education and training to improve their abilities to aid patients suffering from medical conditions that respond well to this type of treatment.

If applied correctly, reflexology can be effective in helping to ease or even eliminate pain. The reflexologist can pinpoint precisely the zone to apply pressure applying increased blood flow, stimulation, and decreased tension in the central nervous system. By applying the correct pressure and positioning the hands on specific areas of the body, these professionals can relax and soothe tense nerves. This helps to increase blood flow and decreases tension. It also improves flexibility, range of motion, pain relief, and increases flexibility.

Even if it is not the case that you suffer from a particular condition however you feel that your life affected by problems with tension, stress, or a unease and inability to move Reflexology could be what you're looking for. Regular application of reflexology can ease pain and stress. People who are relaxed and calm experience fewer aches and pains and recover from illness at a quicker rate. When used as a complement to therapy, reflexology may provide an effective, natural solution for chronic pain, headaches and arthritis, fibromyalgia, stress and anxiety.

The preliminary evidence suggests that this type of therapy may be effective in the treatment of migraines. Migraines result from tension and pressure build-up in the muscles and brain. Massage techniques that are applied to specific areas of the scalp are believed to relieve tension and stress, which are the primary reason for migraines. While there is much to be found, the positive results suggest that reflexology could be a viable treatment for migraine headaches.

Even if you don't suffer from a specific illness or disease that reflexology can treat, it can be beneficial to your general health. It helps to maintain the well-being and health of the whole body by circulating blood. Apply pressure to certain parts of the body to reduce stress, fatigue, and pain. The stimulation of the flow of blood to the head is believed to decrease stress, tension and pain, as well as mobility and ease tension.

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